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The entire community participates in the activities surrounding the subsistence bowhead whale hunt, ensuring that the traditions and skills of the past associated with their culture will be carried on by future generations. Each whale provides thousands of pounds of meat and maktak, which is shared by all the people in the community. Portions of each whale are saved for celebration at Nalukataq (the blanket toss or whaling feast), Thanksgiving, Christmas, and potlucks held throughout the year.


2022 Nalukataq Dates



JUNE 21, 2022
Crawford Patkotak

JUNE 24, 2022
Lucy Leavitt
Quincy & Bernadette Adams
Carl & Jacquelyn Nayakik
Cortez Olemaun
Lillian Nageak

JUNE 27, 2022
Ned Arey
James Ahgeak
George Ahmaogak, Jr.
Robert Ningeok, Sr.

JUNE 29, 2022
Herman Ahsoak
Oliver Leavitt
Frederick Brower
Charles Hopson
Michael Donovan




JUNE 12, 13 & 14, 2022
John & Nancy Attungana
Lazarus & Hannah Killigvuk
Jacob & Della Lane
Russell & Andrea Lane
Howard & Roberta Stone
Guy & Ruth Tuzroyluk
Lenora Tuzroyluk

JUNE 21, 2022
Herbert Ipalook, Sr.

JUNE 24, 2022
Carl Brower, Jr.
Bernice Kaigelak

JUNE 25, 2022
Jonah Nukapigak

JUNE 24, 2022
Jason Ahmaogak

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