Open Water Season | AEWC first started work on the Open Water Season Conflict Avoidance Agreement (CAA) in 1985, for the 1986 operating season.  In those days it was called the Oil/Whaler Agreement.  The goal of the CAA is to balance development with our subsistence so that our subsistence resources and livelihood are protected while our country and our communities receive the benefits of development.  Our work has included amendments to federal law, creating a role for the CAA in Arctic offshore development planning and making AEWC and the North Slope Borough part of the scientific review process for offshore development.

The annual Open Water Season Peer Review Meeting was created as the result of an AEWC initiative to bring higher quality research to questions of offshore oil and gas activity impacts to Arctic marine mammals and habitat. AEWC representatives work with the NSB Department of Wildlife Management to offer suggestions on research proposals under review during the meeting and measures for managing interaction between our subsistence hunting and resources, and offshore oil and gas operations.  Through our participation in the Open Water Season Peer Review Meeting, we extend our practice of blending our Traditional Knowledge of the arctic ecosystem with western science and research.

The History of the Conflict Avoidance Agreement — AEWC: Pioneering a Process for Arctic Ocean Management

2016 Conflict Avoidance Agreement