Russell Lane

Point Hope


Edmond Apassingok


Enoch Adams, Jr.


George Noongwook

Secretary, Savoonga

Thomas Napageak


George Kaleak, Sr.


Since it’s inception in 1977, AEWC has proactively lead the way for Native Organizations in ensuring the voices of the Yupik and Inupiat Eskimos are heard, their subsistence rights are protected and their resources managed cooperatively and responsibly. The organization has achieved success and prominence through the leadership of our Commissioners, particularly the AEWC Chairmen.

We cannot look forward without giving credit to the past. We salute the past chairmen of the AEWC for their insight, their dedication, their leadership and their passion for making a difference in the lives of our people.  Quyanaqpak!

Jacob Adams, Sr., Barrow, 1980
Eugene Brower, Barrow, 1981
Roger Silook, Gambell, 1982-1983
John Oktollik, Point Hope, 1983-1984
Lennie Lane, Point Hope, 1985-1986
Arnold Brower, Jr., Barrow, 1986-1987
Thomas Napageak, Nuiqsut, 1988-1989
Edward Hopson, Sr., Barrow, 1989-1990
Burton Rexford, Barrow, 1991-1998
Thomas Napageak, Nuiqsut, 1998-2005
Harry Brower, Jr., Barrow, 2006-2010
George Noongwook, Savoonga, 2010-2014
Harry Brower, Jr., Barrow, 2014 - 2017

The AEWC Commission consists of a representative from each of the following 11 member whaling villages.

John Hopson, Jr.

Chairman, Wainwright 

PAST AEWC Chairmen


Raymond Seetook


Julius Rexford

Treasurer, Point Lay

Ronald Ozenna, Jr.

Little Diomede

Joe M. Leavitt, Barrow

, Savoonga

Steve Eric Leavitt, Nuiqsut

Austin Swan, Sr., Kivalina

Paul Apangalook, Gambell

Sheldon Brower, Kaktovik

Walter Nayakik, Jr., Wainwright

Anton Komonaseak, Wales

Thomas Nukapigak, Pt. Lay

Christopher Joe Oktollik, Pt. Hope

Ronald Ozenna, Sr., Diomede

Crawford Patkotak

Vice Chair, Barrow